State of the Art Warehouse

At IS Seafood you aren’t just making a purchase you can feel good about today. When you make a purchase with IS Seafood you are given the opportunity to lock in to the price for up to one calendar year.  For example this means you no longer have to worry about tedious menu changes whenever the price of cod fluctuates.

We cut no corners. Our state of the art cold storage facilities are no exception. If you’ve every visited a cold storage facility in China you’ve likely experienced one if not both of the following,

Unpleasant odors – this comes from fluctuations in temperature. Not only do temperature fluctuations damage the products integrity but it also gives the boxes, and worse the product itself, an unpleasant odor.

Unorganized – without meticulous systems in place many cold storage warehouses can’t find product in a timely fashion.

We are extremely proud of the environment our product is stored in. And you will be too, from day 1 you will notice the pristine quality of our fish that wouldn’t be possible without state of the art cold storage facilities.

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